Powerex Battery Performance

How do they stack up?

Powerex Batteries use the latest battery technology available from Maha Energy. Here a some of the important breakthroughs:

But don't just take our word for it. The numbers speak for themselves:

How long can Powerex batteries last?

  Powerex NiMH Traditional NiCD Ordinary Alkaline
Digital Cameras 200 Photos 80 Photos 30 Photos
Game Boy® 26 Hours 12 Hours 7 Hours
CD Player 16 Hours 7 Hours 6 Hours

How much does it cost to take 50,000 photos on a digital camera?

  Powerex NiMH Traditional NiCD Ordinary Alkaline
Cost for 50,000 Pictures from £29.95 including a Maha charger £60.00 over £1,000.00

Q: How much performance improvement can I expect using PowerEX NiMH batteries, instead of other batteries on my high drain device like a digital camera?

First: Powerex NiMH batteries are rechargeable up to 500 to 1000 times, so you can use them over and over again. In comparison, "rechargeable alkaline" batteries (which are significantly cheaper) have a life of about 50 recharges.

Second: Powerex NiMH batteries are designed for power intensive applications, and maintain a high and consistent voltage during most of their discharge. Alkaline batteries, on the other hand, drop their voltage rapidly when used in power intensive applications like Digital Cameras. This explains why you can take up to 150-200 pictures using Powerex, compared with 20-30 using Alkaline.

Third: Capacity counts. NiMH batteries are rated in mAH (mili-ampere hours). This number tells you how long the batteries can last under a certain power consumption - the higher the better. For example, Powerex NiMH AA batteries go right up to 2700 mAH - up to twice the capacity of some competing batteries!

Fourth: This is the technical one! A battery with a high impedance is like a clogged water pipe: power cannot flow from the battery to your device efficiently, and in fact, much energy is lost as heat. Powerex batteries feature an ultra-low impedance compared to other brands of NiMH rechargeable, and generally speaking, have as little as half the impedance of the competition! The end result? A Powerex battery will perform significantly better than a same-rating competition battery.

Q: What do you mean by "no memory effect" on PowerEx NiMH batteries?

You've probably heard that in order to maintain the life and performance of rechargeable batteries, you have to fully drain the batteries before recharging them. Thanks to "memory free" technology featured on Powerex NiMH batteries, you can charge them anytime you wish, regardless if the batteries are fully drained or not.

Q: What is the difference between PowerEx NiMH batteries and "rechargeable alkaline" batteries?

Recently the market has introduced a new type of supposedly affordable Alkaline rechargeable batteries. However, they do not compare with Powerex NiMH rechargeable technology because they can only be recharged up to 50 times. Powerex NiMH can be recharged up to 1,000 times.

Q: Technically speaking, what makes a PowerEx NiMH battery better than other brands of NiMH batteries?

First: Powerex NiMH batteries are designed with a ultra thin layer of separator. This allows the substantial increase in capacity.

Second: Powerex NiMH batteries are designed for power intensive applications such as digital cameras. When subjected to heavy power drain, Powerex NiMH batteries will continue to perform while other brands may not.

With Powerex you get the best of both worlds - here are some head to head comparisons:

  Powerex NiMH Traditional NiMH NiCd
Memory Effect None None Yes
Capacity 1700mAh 1100 - 1200mAh 600 - 800mAh
Trickle Chargeable Yes No Yes
Life Cycles 500 - 1000 250 - 350 500 - 1000
Environmental Problems None None Highly toxic
Discharge Characteristics at 1C  > 1.2v/cell during 80% of usage > 1.2v/cell during 80% of usage > 1.2v/cell during 45%-50% of usage

(NB: Cell information and specification varies from brand to brand.)

Q: I plan to use the Powerex NiMH batteries as a backup power. How long will they hold their charge?

This is commonly referred to as the "shelf life" of batteries. For Powerex NiMH batteries, the shelf life at room temperature is about 70 to 90 days. If you are seeking longer shelf life, try Imedion batteries by Maha which retain up to 85% of their charge over a year!