Maha C490F 4-Way Battery Charger

4-Cell 2-Hour Battery Charger for 9V PP3 Batteries

Maha C490F 4-Way Battery Charger

Compact Size

No more worrying about where to put your charger! Measuring only 2.5" X 3", the MH-C490F PP3 battery charger is so compact that you can basically put it anywhere.

Fast Recharging Time

Unlike old 9V battery chargers, the MH-C490F charger can charge 1 to 4 8.4V and 9.6V batteries within 2 hours. No more waiting overnight to have the batteries fully charged. Perfect for instant power on the go.

Intelligent Charger

The MH-C490F battery charger has Maha's Delta-V based microprocessor, which allows 9V batteries to be charged to their full potential. The microprocessor automatically switches from rapid charge to trickle charge after the batteries are finished charging, so that the batteries will maintain their full capacity.

Car Capability: On the go power

9.6V NiMH batteries need a minimum of 15V input to charge them to their full potential. Unlike those other chargers that claim they can charge 9V batteries in the car, the MH-C490F has a patented automatic step-up device that is actually capable of charging 9.6V batteries at full capability.

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