Powerex 230 mAh9.6v "PRECHARGED" PP3 NiMh Rechargeable Battery

Powerex 230 mAh 9.6v "PRECHARGED" NiMh Rechargeable Battery

Powerex 230 mAh9.6v

The Powerex Precharged MHR9VP Rechargeable NiMH Battery (9.6V, 230mAh) is a nickel-metal hydride battery compatible with Powerex's MH-C1090F 10-Bank Charger or MH-C490F Stealth Charger.

 It is rated at a voltage of 9.6V and a capacity of 230mAh, with a minimum capacity of 215mAh. It has the ability to outperform a standard 9V battery due to its slightly higher voltage.

The battery is capable of being stored for an extended period of time and still retaining a full or nearly full charge. After a year, for instance, it will retain 85% of its capacity. The battery comes pre-charged.

The purchase of an NiMH battery like this one saves you money, since you won't need to buy endless supplies of non-rechargeable alkaline batteries.

Image shows previous model, will be updated soon.

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